In 1981 we started genealogical research on our ancestors. In addition to the primary genealogical sources, extensive use was also made of other archive documents to bring the ancestors more "to life". Various families have been elaborated and published on this site.

Over the years the emphasis has shifted to more general historical research on various subjects on the island of Tholen. In 2004, for example, we started an investigation into the owners and residents of built-up plots in the polders of Tholen (city), Schakerloo and Vrijberghe. This investigation was completed in 2017, but we will update the documents if necessary.

We have recently been conducting research into the owners and residents of houses and other buildings within the city of Tholen. For the time being, this is concentrated on the Kaaij, the Grote Markt and the Kerkstraat.

We would like to share our research with you. We greatly appreciate acknowledgment of the source when taking over data. If you have any questions, comments or additions, please let us know.

All our researches are written in Dutch and only this page is in English. We hope you are comfortable with that.


Jan J. van de Velde †
The Hague
Dave J. van de Velde